Preparing your child to be a great learner is a challenging task. As parents, we can work with our kids to improve their study habits and ensure they have the knowledge and skills to succeed in school.

Reasons for Choosing CP Preparatory Schools for Daycares in Garland

This article will discuss reasons for choosing CP Preparatory Schools for Daycares in Garland.

Advance Skills and Holistic Learning

Here at CP Preparatory Schools for Daycares in Garland, we offer a holistic approach to learning that inspires children to learn, discover and thrive. Our dynamic learning program gives your child the opportunity to develop a range of skills, knowledge, and attitudes for life.

We believe that all children are different and learn in different ways, which is why we have developed a curriculum that will assist your child’s development and learning in all areas. Learn in different ways, which is why we have developed a curriculum that will assist your child’s development and learning in all areas.

Child Care Safety and Security

At CP Preparatory Schools for Daycares in Garland, we take the safety and security of our children very seriously. That’s why we use a thumbprint scanning system to ensure that only authorized individuals can enter our facilities and pick up your child.

This high-tech system lets you rest easy knowing that we’ve got your child’s best interests at heart.

We also want to make sure that your child is safe from illness while they’re in our care, which is why children who have been sick or who have been in close contact with someone who has been ill are not allowed inside the facility for three days after their last symptoms appeared.

Highly Qualified Teachers Focusing On Academic Excellence

Our staff is highly trained to deliver the best education for children. We are not just teachers but mentors who will help your child grow as confident and independent individuals.

We are dedicated educators; we have a passion for developing children’s skills in learning and helping them become productive citizens of tomorrow.

Attractive Programs for Parents & Engaging For Students

As a parent, you have to be careful about the school you choose for your child. It would help if you saw that it offers a suitable environment for your child and attractive programs for parents.

Here are some reasons why it is essential to consider engaging programs for parents:

  • It encourages parent participation.
  • It helps the parents in understanding the curriculum.
  • It helps them know how they can help their children learn better.

Experienced Management

At CP Preparatory Schools, our management team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the early childhood education industry. We have managed thousands of daycare centers and schools in and out of the United States.

CP Preparatory Schools is a turnkey solution, and we have a proven track record of success with over 30 years of experience in providing quality care to children.

Reasonable Tuition Rates

Affordable tuition rates are offered at CP Preparatory Schools because we do not want to see any child suffer from lack of care due to financial constraints.

We provide reasonable tuition rates for each child and offer scholarships for qualified families who cannot afford the total payment amount for maintenance.

Talk With CP Preparatory Schools To Enroll Into The Best Daycares In Garland TX

Daycares in GarlandChoosing a child care facility for your kids can be a difficult decision. As parents, we want to ensure that we select the best possible daycare for our children’s first foray into off-home education.

There are many options available, and we have used them all from home providers, in-home daycares, or by enrolling a center-type facility. You can reach us at 972-222-7808 or visit our website


A Brief History

Our Story

It all started in 1997 when we had a DREAM for young learners! CP Preparatory School was built on a dream for young children to have a safe, creating an academic environment that would nurture their learning and provide a bright academic future.

Why Choose Us

We believe children deserve the best education possible. That is why we pride ourselves on providing quality services and programs that have been awarded and highly ranked.

Available Academy Programs

Preschool Ages 1 & 2

Preparatory Kindergarten

Pre-K 3

Pre-K 4

Infant Care Starting at 6 Weeks

1/2 & All Day Classes for Pre-k 3 Mesquite ISD

Occupational, Physical, & Speech Therapy

Summer Program

Parent Reviews

“Safe and welcomed”.

“CP Prep has been in business for 15 years. I have noticed my child is exceeding in academics greatly throughout the past 4 years. I always feel safe and welcomed”.

– Parent

- CP Prepatory School
- CP Prepatory School

“My experience was great”!

“My experience was great!  Very well organized & managed classrooms. Parent friendly & child friendly”.

– Parent

“My experience was great”!

“My experience was great!  Very well organized & managed classrooms. Parent friendly & child friendly”.

– Parent

“I love this prep school”.

“I am extremely satisfied by the way CP Prep has helped my son in his learning.  I love this prep school for my son”.

– Parent

- CP Prepatory School

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