CP Preparatory School Curriculum

Preschool ages 1 and 2

Every day is an academic day even with our youngest students. Individual lesson plans are implemented to ensure the academic growth and development. Portfolio assessments are kept on each student to document growth and development. Curriculum used is Beautiful Beginnings and Frog Street.
(ages 1 and 2)

Pre-K3 and Pre-K4

Preparatory Pre-K Focusing on Academic Excellence Creating Confident Independent Learners!
Every day is an academic day using the Big Day Curriculum: Phonics, math, Art, Music, Sensory Play, Dramatic play, blocks, stories, language development and so much more… Progress reports and CLI Engage assessments done in November, February and May. Portfolio assessments are completed every month to monitor your child’s academic growth and development.

Transitional Kindergarten

Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten at CP Preparatory School This year your child will learn to read!!! Program designed to meet the need the academic needs of student’s ages 4 to 6 Does the following describe your child? 4 yr. old child who is academically ahead and needs to be challenged, the 5 yr old child who is ready to learn to read and be academically challenged and a 6 yr. old child who has completed Kindergarten already and for one reason or another needs another year in a small class to grow academically before heading into a traditional 1st grade classroom, or just simple missing the cut off to enter Kindergarten by a couple of days or months. We will take your child through our phonics program step by step ensuring your child the most success and building confident readers. As your child’s teachers we are asking you to work together with us on this very exciting reading process. The math program will consist of Math their way philosophy and touch pint math, science, social studies, art, music, dramatic play and more….. Big Day curriculum, Standardized testing in Reading and Math will be completed 2 times a year in December and May along with report cards. If you have additional questions about our transitional Kindergarten Program please do not hesitate to give Ms. Patterson a call to schedule a tour. Ms.Tourt has been teaching for CP Prep School since 2000. Find out why so many families just love their children being in her class!

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Reading and Math Programs

Reading is the most important academic skill taught; all other subjects are dependent on it. Reading opens up a whole new world for children... one that is filled with fun, excitement, promise, and hope for the future. On the other hand, when a child does not understand traditional reading instruction, the road to reading can become an impossible, frustrating journey that seems forever out of reach.